Continuous Concrete Pavement in Teulada

The continuous patterned paving work was carried out around a swimming pool and a soft texture mold without joints (blanket) and one of rustic plank wood were used.

The colors chosen by the owners were a combination of cork (base color) and a tobacco tone around the pool for the blanket mold and for the wood mold a normal brown tone (base color) and a higher tone of brown for the highest area of the barbecue.This theme is one more example of a job well done and that printed concrete is the best alternative to the usual pavement in terms of economy, decoration and durability.

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Imprinted Concrete Made in Callosa d'en Sarrià

In this stamped floor project, we have used 2 types of mold and a border to separate the English stone mold and the Belgian cobblestone pattern.

The base color used in the work was cork and with the aquas in a discreet walnut color to give it an aged tone. The English stone mold has been used in the flat area of the porch and on the entrance to the house.

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Additionally, a Belgian cobblestone mold has been used on a ramp and at the entrance to the garage. To break the monotony of the printed floors we have separated the two molds with a Paris tile border colored in a light walnut.